The only Sheriff Candidate endorsed by the PA State and Local Police


I have served my country, my state, and god willing my county next!

Probably one of the poorest kept political secrets in Beaver County is my desire to serve the citizens as their Sheriff. It began with my entrance into the race for sheriff four years ago after witnessing daily encounters involving unprofessional service, the excesses of political patronage and above all, wasteful taxpayer spending. Together with the help of my loyal supporters, we worked hard at getting our message of reform and change out to the voters during the campaign. When the dust had finally settled in the primary election, we stood successful in removing the incumbent from office whose behavior and practices led to my decision to run in the first place in order to return the office to an operation that all of us could be proud of. The general election unfortunately did not bring about the continued success we had hoped for and I lost the election. Despite campaign promises by the current occupant and new sheriff to streamline the operation, to eliminate wasteful and unnecessary functions and spending and to bring about many of the reforms my campaign had highlighted “FROM” the inception, many of the same practices of the previous regime have continued unabated, all to the detriment of the public and our tax dollars.

For these reasons, I am committed to once again seeking the office of sheriff in the 2019 county election. In my extensive travels and participation at events throughout the district, I have talked to thousands of individuals seeking both their input and support for the initiatives I wish to bring to the office if I am privileged to serve. The response has been overwhelming and together with your help, I am encouraged that this time around, we will be successful in winning the office and then bringing about the necessary reforms taxpayers have sought for far too long.

As we move forward in this process and I continue to personally meet with as many of you as possible, please reach out to me and feel free to offer your personal input or ask any questions related to my candidacy or background as a member of the Pennsylvania State Police. That is frankly how we will accomplish this objective together!

See you soon.